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Our tailor-made rifles

Little Boy Rifles produces hunting rifles and rifles for sporting use of various specialties:

  • Bench Rest

  • PRS

  • F-Class Open and F-TR models

  • Long Range

  • Extreme Long Range.

All rifles can be made to specific specifications agreed with the customer .

Our productions also satisfy the requests for hunting with rifled barrels, with classic rifles or with latest generation components.

We produce to our own design and create stocks in plywood, solid wood with national or foreign wood essences and many other materials.

We provide the customer with all the support and technical knowledge on the ballistics of the caliber he has chosen or direct him towards the product most suited to his needs.

For left-handed shooters
We also make rifles for left-handers , with bullet discharge on both sides
Calibers available for hunting and sport shooting

460 Steyr

416 Barrett

408 Chey Tac

375 Chey Tac

338 Lapua Magnum

300 Norma Magnum

300 Dakotas

300 Rum

300 PRC

300 WSM

300 Winchester Magnum

30 BR

30-06 Springfield

300 Weatherby Magnum

308 Winchester

308 Match

284 Winchester

284 Tony


7 Remington Magnum


7-270 WSM

6.5 PRC

6.5x47 Lapua

6.5x55 SE

260 Remington


6.5 Creedmoor


6 BR

6x47 Lapua

6 Dashers


222 Remington

221 Remington Fireball

Almost all components can be customized as desired using various options.

From the choice and finishing of the material , to the countless coloring techniques (also with airbrush and cubicization to create the carbon effect, the wood effect, etc.) up to the surface finishes from matt to glossy, with the possibility of laser engraving of text or images.

Want to see other Little Boy Rifles creations?

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