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Passion makes us grow

From the laboratory...

Little Boy Rifles was born in 2016 in a laboratory in the province of Turin, where Maurizio Battaglino, the founder, decided to realize his dream of producing rifles, his great passion.

As a very expert shooter, in fact, he decides to dedicate more time and space to his need to have better performing weapons to use in shooting competitions, and to create the perfect rifle for himself.

The success and beauty of his weapons attracted the interest of many other shooters and hunters, so the company began to grow.

By building custom-assembled rifles for customers from all over Europe, the laboratory becomes a point of reference for anyone who wants to customize their weapon, exponentially increasing performance to obtain an exclusive product .

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... to the company

In 2023 Little Boy Rifles becomes an LLC

The arrival of a new owner with a good financial base allows the creation of a commercial and administrative structure. The company invests in machinery for special processes made in-house, and will further expand its equipment park in the coming years.

The Technical department and the Research & Development department, constantly evolving in technologies, products and materials, ensure the great craftsmanship, precision and very high quality that have characterized Little Boy Rifles rifles from the beginning.

The company is now able to satisfy every request for weapon customization, both by producing weapons made to measure for the customer and by carrying out special processes and various types of services.


Little Boy Rifles provides internal design and customization of its products.

For those who are not experts in the sector, we provide support and technical information on the ballistics of the caliber chosen by the customer, or direct them towards the product most suited to their needs.

We use both national and foreign suppliers, choosing the best raw materials.

A winning team

Little Boy Rifles also participates with its own team of shooters in various international F-Class, Long Range and Extreme Long Range competitions.

The quality of the weapons and the skill of the shooters has allowed us to always reach the highest positions in the rankings.

We are dealers of some foreign companies , such as the Canadian Cadex, and we have their material available in our warehouses.

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